Featured Energy Projects

Whether you’re in retail, hospitality, manufacturing or professional services, we can implement the optimal solutions you need to reduce energy usage and operating costs through guaranteed outcomes

CSU Wagga Wagga Campus EPC 1

Charles Sturt University 1

Australian University uses Conservia to support its multi-campus energy efficiency initiatives achieving a cost savings of $157,000/year 

CSU Bathurst Library EPC 2

Charles Sturt University 2

Charles Sturt University achieves 43% excess of their guaranteed cost savings through installation of highly efficient systems

DEC Daceyville Primary School EPC


Multiple schools achieve cost savings of $452,900 per year with Conservia energy efficiency solutions


Townsville City Council EPC

Townsville City Council 1

Conservia helps Council exceed energy cost savings with collaborative continuous fine tuning

Townsville City Council Energy Audit

Townsville City Council 2

Conservia empowers Council with energy conservation methods to greatly improve energy efficiency

Georges River Council Energy Audit

Georges River Council

Conservia identifies multiple energy conservation methods for Council to generate large savings opportunities