515 St Pauls Terrace, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006


Leighton Contractors

Property Type

Project Summary
Green Square North Tower is an A grade building, nestled in the heart of Fortitude Valley, only 1km from Brisbane CBD centre. Through software changes and fine-tuning works to the operation of the building’s HVAC system, Green Square North Tower is able to provide enhanced tenant comfort to improve occupant satisfaction and productivity. Amazingly, this was all achieved using the client’s existing mechanical equipment on site, with no equipment upgrades or disruptive works required!

Energy Savings
By implementing air-side control strategies associated mainly with the AHUs & VAVs, we were able to improve the efficiency of the system to see such amazing results in just one month, while maintaining comfort conditions.

The Journey
Major works undertaken include energy initiatives and monitoring of CO2 and temperature levels (Optergy IEQ module utilised). OE head end with Protons on site.

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