Gain the peace of mind that tenant modifications will not impact on your base building performance

Tenant modification of services often results in changes to base building with new equipment and services required. Different requirements such as heating & cooling and lighting measures all factor into your building’s performance and your NABERS Rating.

Combat the risk associated with tenant fitouts to ensure your base building performance is not compromised. With a focus on your base building performance strategy, we will perform an independent review of tenant specifications and design to ensure they are adhering to fit-out guidelines and identify any variables that would influence your buildings operational conditions.

Drive tenant fitouts with sustainable advice

Review Proposed Services

Ensure they adhere to your commercial office fit-out guidelines. To ensure you and your tenants achieve the desired results, we work with you from day dot to perform an independent review of all proposed services to ensure they adhere to the buildings fit-out guidelines.

As modifications of an existing space generally require additional equipment, this development may create changes to your base building operations. Before your tenants make permanent modifications to their office spaces, we first assess how the new design will impact upon your base building design. We provide an assessment of the impact the changes will make to the performance of the building, before giving approval to go ahead with these changes.

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commercial office fitout review 2

Assess economical & sustainable impacts

Secure the best possible energy efficient outcome for all. We assess the impact of tenant modification work from a sustainability perspective. We continuously look for ways to control your cost by monitoring utility rate changes and any variable that could impact on your business.


Maintaining Building Expectations

Ensure what is proposed is in line with your buildings expectations. Through careful investigation, we identify any significant potential for deviation in the buildings guidelines as a result of tenant modifications. Any changes over and above the expectations of the building are reviewed, as well as the chance to make cost reductions by optimising service structures. We will find hidden energy costs to secure the best possible tenant fitout for your site, small or large.

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Ongoing Spot Checks

Ensure what is promised is actually delivered. When the fit-out is complete, we continue to review all services installed, making sure they are delivered as expected and working at their optimal capabilities.

We take a proactive and efficient approach to ensuring what are in the specifications are actually delivered. Evolving regulations and fluctuating energy costs and availability are significant sources of risk. We will help guide the way, checking delivery and energy complexities to prepare you for the future and control risk management. Combining all aspects of our assessment, we ensure that our thorough approach uncovers every savings opportunity and increases the bottom line.


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