Increase your buildings asset value

Building maintenance hasn’t evolved as fast as the technology it serves. There are certainly still some legacy tasks that are repeatedly specified and many treat this as a ‘checkbox’ task to simply make sure things are maintained and operating as expected. With the industry constantly evolving, building owners and facility managers need more than checkbox maintenance to achieve their strategic sustainability targets and enhance tenant comfort satisfaction.

With this in mind, we have revolutionised how building service maintenance is delivered. Our building performance services are performance-based agreements that provide continuous improvement, monitoring and tuning to achieve an agreed outcome. This guaranteed outcome can range from an electricity consumption target or improving and maintaining NABERS rating.

We work with building managers and owners in a completely transparent manner to increase their asset value in every building with an engaged, smart and holistic approach beyond building management systems and mechanical services.

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Shift the focus to performance based outcomes for a smarter solution resulting in lower operating costs and improved tenant satisfaction

Using our technical knowledge we will help you achieve positive net cash flow with no financial risk while providing the following benefits:

Data driven proactive maintenance approach

Analyse & Identify

Tailored assessments to your existing building performance. Your buildings BMS & EMS is the tool that provides visibility of facility performance as well as the means to optimise its efficiency.

Looking holistically at the whole building, we assess where energy consumption is used or wasted in order to implement tuning optimisation redesign of the strategies in order to make the building perform more energy efficiently.

We can see if there are changes and notify and advise operations managers to investigate what has caused this change and how to rectify it.

Working collaboratively with your incumbent contractor, our team of experts will take a leading role in your building project to drive energy efficiency and tenant thermal comfort satisfaction.

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Formulate Roadmap

Powerful planning ensures contractors are kept on task. Piercing the fog of today’s uncertainty, we guide you through unexpected changes and volatility in your building’s performance.

Conservia aims to present building performance improvement through a user journey of a streamlined view of a modelled building performance rating and energy & utilities cost savings.

Continual consultative advice. We can provide simple project advice, review of the fit-out works and the impact on base building performance, as well as comprehensive net zero roadmap detailing possible upgrades to achieve better efficiency and further reduce electrical consumption.

Set Measurable Goals & Milestones

Reach the goals you want to reach. Our Building Performance Maintenance services are outcome-driven, with a real commitment to improving or maintaining NABERS ratings, energy and sustainability goals and building performance. We hold ourselves accountable for these results, to drive measurable performance improvement.

Our normalized energy model gives you full visibility of our services making the Building Performance Maintenance process transparent and easy to understand while ensuring best practices are deployed guaranteeing that your financial and operational objectives are achieved every time.

The outlined scope for Building Performance Maintenance services will repay itself with the reduction of plant operational costs whilst optimizing staff and tenant comfort levels.

We monitor tenant thermal comfort to ensure the best conditions are achieved every time. This improves the tenant experience and productivity while also reducing the number of tenant complaints. With continual reporting, in line with NABERS Indoor Air Quality requirements, we can ensure that your building will achieve industry-leading performance and positioning.

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Ongoing Monitoring & Improvement

Gain insights to drive improvement and reach targets. On delivery of the successful outcome, Conservia leads incumbent contractors with the complexity of ongoing tuning activities in the building.

System Efficiency Tuning Activities. We redesign how BMS maintenance is delivered on-site, reducing the number of preventative activities by implementing a proactive analytical exception based approach. In turn, this provides more time for tuning and strategy changes without the need of additional CAPEX budget. Our pathway in achieving this is through a holistic continual approach to drive optimal building performance whilst maintaining occupant comfort conditions.

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