Achieve and exceed energy targets with tailored energy strategies

We’ll get you to where you want to be. Improve your energy efficiency by implementing an energy strategy that is right for you and your business. The choices a business makes about its energy sourcing and facility, equipment providers can profoundly influence energy consumption and its cost structure. Our energy efficiency experts take an extremely specialised approach to develop your energy strategy. We will deliver a collaborative, outcome based, technology agnostic energy strategy. The energy strategies are designed so you can benefit from high margins and energy savings opportunities. Our energy strategies are not product orientated but created to best meet your building or facility requirements and achieve your energy targets. Backed by us, your energy strategy is guaranteed to see positive results.

Achievable and sustainable energy strategies

Building Services Engineering

Achieve an optimal environment while minimising environmental impact. Our Building Services Engineering strategy covers a fully coordinated function concept, including design, contracting, operation and monitoring of the technical services in buildings, including mechanical, electrical and HVAC.

The focus is on achieving safe and comfortable indoor environments that will in turn attract higher rent rates. Energy related tenant outgoings will be reduced, with those savings being captured by the building owner to assist tenant re-sign leases or new tenants move in. Tenants have not lost anything, but the building can command a higher per square meter rental rate. We will deliver design solutions while ensuring that your commercial goals and objectives are achieved, all in an ethically sound way.

net zero building services engineering
net zero renewable energy


Renewable Energy

Reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emission through using independent, renewable energy sources. A wealth of alternative energy sources, from wind and solar energy to hydroelectricity and biomass fuel offer a way to power businesses without the use of fossil fuels. By utilising an energy strategy that focuses on using natural power sources to generate power you can drastically reduce energy costs paid to utility companies.

We provide advice on system design, costing and integration on strategies such as Solar PV capability and integration and can help you take the next important steps to realise energy and cost savings.

Renewable energy projects can very quickly see project cost recovery. Unused power can even be sold to the utility company with them having to pay you for energy.

Embedded Generation

Save with self-generated energy. Generate energy at a specific location and then connecting that supply into the network.Generator types that can be connected to the distribution network include gas turbines, hydro, wind turbine, photovoltaic generation (solar), fuel cells or tri/co-generation.

Sustain a good combination for future generation and transmission of energy. Embedded generation offers the option for the transmission of energy at the local level. Generated electricity is used to satisfy a demand load as in an embedded generation scheme and the total energy consumption is reduced at the point of demand. The issue of stability and reliability of supply is negated with shorter response time and better controls over the embedded systems.

net zero embedded generation
net zero business performance strategy

Business Performance Strategy

Enhance value through improved operations, energy restructuring, and active management. Drive your total business strategy by ensuring better decisions, greater resilience and a thriving future. We are experienced in all aspects of strategic development, from long-range scenario planning and development to strategic sourcing, decision and risk analysis. Creating long-lasting energy savings opportunities that are highly personalised, timely and relevant.

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