Plan for the future with energy advisory and achieve your energy targets

Determine the best way to reduce your energy costs and improve your profitability. Our energy advisory process involves thorough assessment and analysis that take into account all variables to ensure you receive the most sound and applicable energy advice.

To determine areas of savings opportunities we measure and analyse your business’ present situational data to understand current building performance, energy use and costs.

Energy advisory strategies are specifically developed to help you achieve cost savings through identifying opportunities to optimising operations that facilitate energy efficiency and sustainability.

Drive future decisions with sustainable advice

Utilise current and new technologies to reduce energy consumption

Considerations are always taken to make efficient use of existing building resources as well as the implementation of new cost-effective strategies.

Emission Reduction Strategy

Cut carbon emissions. Utilise strategic advisory to achieve Emissions Reduction Targets and increase profitability of your businesses. We will undertake emissions reduction performance measurement, monitoring and reporting energy advisory.

Our emission reduction strategies detail how you can achieve net emission reduction targets and the required emission reductions actions to be undertaken. This includes a tailored process to reduce emissions and maintain carbon neutrality for future operations. We will provide the guidance to help achieve carbon targets, reduce building or facility energy costs and increase business profitability.

net zero emission reduction strategy
net zero energy recommendations

Energy Recommendations

Tap into energy savings. We specialise in energy efficiency, energy management and peak demand management advisory. To implement energy efficiency measures and generate revenue streams, it is important to determine areas of least efficiency. Careful analysis of present data determines potential areas of energy savings showing where energy is being used and by what equipment.

We will provide the energy management strategies to reduce power demands without compromising performance, comfort or safety. By managing energy needs more sustainably, you can maximise energy efficiency, generate greater savings and achieve your overall reduction goal. Recommendations to reduce energy costs can include demand management, changing energy purchasing contracts, switching lighting or using renewable energy.

Building Energy Advisory

Create and maintain an energy-smart building or facility. Transform and sustain your building or facility to maintain optimal activity levels. We find practical ways to make your buildings operate at the highest efficiency at the most optimal costs. We look at buildings and infrastructure upgrade feasibility and business case to achieve targets.

Using analytics and insight, we can troubleshoot problem areas quickly and ensure that you are best equipped to effectively manage your buildings operations to their most efficient capability. This can include upgrades or replacements of building control and management systems, lighting, HVAC and equipment.

net zero building energy advisory
net zero performance energy advisory

Performance Energy Advisory

Gain insights to drive improvement and reach targets. Use real-time energy consumption data and performance metrics to improve your building or facilities performance. This includes emissions reduction performance measurement, monitoring, and reporting advisory.

Through consolidating and correlating information from all operations, we leverage the current situation to help you improve future decision making. This requires crafting a comprehensive view of your building’s performance to streamline and optimise each interaction. Our advice ensures efficient energy performance levels are achieved without affecting performance and competitiveness. We can help enhance value through improved operations, equipment restructuring, and overcoming building performance barriers.

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