1 Denison St, North Sydney NSW 2060

Winten Property Group


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Project Summary
1 Denison is North Sydney’s newest and most luxurious precinct. 1 Denison is a Monday to Friday hub for both foodies and business professionals. Our clients initial goal was to achieve 5.5 Star NABERS Energy by 2023, furthermore, with an ambitious target to reach 6 Star NABERS Energy “Organically”, without the need for any additional capital expenditure.

Energy Savings
By introducing variable setpoints, consideration of ambient weather conditions, and adjustment of temperature and pressure reset settings, the HVAC systems now operate more efficiently, ensuring optimal comfort for occupants while minimising energy consumption.

Through fine-tuning the building, Conservia was able to provide more efficient control of the HVAC system at 1 Denison, leading to less overcooling and overheating, as well as eliminating simultaneous heating and cooling. Overall resulting in increased occupant comfort and improved energy efficiency.

The Journey
We analysed energy usage patterns, identified areas for optimisation, and worked with clients to develop achievable energy targets aligned with their business objectives. We helped the clients reduce costs, enhance efficiency
and promote sustainability with minimal financial investment. We played a vital role in driving various aspects of the building, to align with sustainable practices and enhance the overall sustainability of 1 Denison St.

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