238A Nicholson Street, Footscray, VIC 3011

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Project Summary
Victoria University is a public research university based in Melbourne. Conservia have been engaged by Victoria University to undertake the preparation of an high level Energy efficiency proposal , Lighting, Mechanical and Solar PV specification documents at their Footscray Campus for the tendering purpose.

The key driver for this requirement stems from Victoria University’s Strategic Plan (2016-2020) targeting increased productivity by efficient use of resources.

The Journey

  • Conservia prepared the following specification documents for the Victoria University tendering purposes.
  • High-Level energy Efficiency proposal for VU’s Footscray Campus, St Albans campus and Werribbe campus to identify viable energy-saving options
  • Lighting Specification for LED fittings change over for Buildings A,C,D,E,G,K,L and M
  • Mechanical Specification for Building L and M HVAC improvements including Pool Pump VSD and control optimisation, Chilled water pumps VSD, Basketball courts AHU control with occupancy, Heating hot water bypass control and Building P Fresh air AHU control with time schedule.
  • Solar PV specifications for Building L,P,D and G at the Footscray campus.

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