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Project Summary

Developed and built by the Event Group, QT Gold Coast is a designer hotel setting a new standard for Gold Coast accommodation. Conservia’s efficiency project will ensure QT Hotel remains one of Australia’s most premium hotel brands, able to accommodate growing demand and innovation in guest services.

Conservia will be designing sustainable solutions for the hotel to optimise the guest experience and reduce operating costs. What will make this possible is an integrated building management system and property management system, which provides an extraordinary level of integration between the systems and processes throughout the hotel. This data will be centralised through an Optergy Enterprise system to optimise building performance and bring multiple sources of information together in one view for smart control of the new equipment, including optimum start, and proactive maintenance.

The Journey

Conservia will be designing HVAC Solutions for the guest rooms, including designing the technology package to control the air conditioning in the rooms, supply and installing new FCUs (AG Coombs), and utilising the Honeywell “Inncom” guest room system which will allow personalised customisations while capturing energy savings with smart in-room technology.

This strategic approach to interconnected building management will allow QT to continue to offer its premium services through smart building strategies that increase guest experience and satisfaction, with a key focus on ongoing asset maintenance.


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