Do you want to make the most of current opportunities to save energy in today’s dynamic energy landscape? Are you looking for practical information on energy transformation for Australia’s business community? Have you been looking to revamp your business energy strategy to gain a competitive edge?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this practical, relevant briefing is a must-have resource for your business. Released by the Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) and Trans-Tasman Business Circle, this flagship guide will help businesses manage risks and capture opportunities in Australia’s energy system transformation – Navigating a dynamic energy landscape: A briefing for Australian businesses.

A variety of energy trends have been impacting all industries. With energy costs significantly rising in recent years, energy is rapidly becoming a high-level strategic issue for many businesses. The exposure to increasing energy costs is eroding the business competitiveness and profitability, and worsening the economic outcomes for Australia.

Navigating a dynamic energy landscape: A briefing for Australian businesses

Navigating a dynamic energy landscape: A briefing for Australian businesses provides straight-forward and relevant information on energy efficiency and demand response. The Business Energy Strategy Briefing covers the crucial role of energy information and analytics, and how robust data and monitoring can underpin strategic engagement and investment across energy efficiency, renewable energy (onsite and offsite), demand management and energy contracting.

The briefing provides a clear assessment of:

  • Current energy trends and technology driving the transformation playing out in Australia’s energy markets (the move to low carbon, distributed, responsive energy system)
  • How those drivers are playing out in energy bills
  • Opportunities for businesses to leverage these drivers to take control of business energy costs

The Business Energy Strategy Briefing provides greater transparency around current analysis and advice, relevant to the needs of Australian businesses as they navigate a more dynamic energy landscape.  It also discusses how leading businesses are using a proactive approach to energy management, investment and procurement. Understand how these businesses are leveraging energy efficiency, renewable energy, demand response and smarter contracting to reduce their energy costs and shift to clean energy. 

For more information about the briefing, read EEC CEO Luke Menzel’a commentary for Renew Economy here.

This practical, up to date briefing for Australia’s business community aims to:

  • Raise the level of energy management practices among energy users through encouraging capacity building at all management levels.
  • Build the capacity of directors and executives to analyse and actively manage energy as a strategic issue to ensure appropriate energy strategies are put in place to manage risks and capture opportunities, and that staff are mobilised to respond appropriately.

The Business Energy Strategy Briefing will be regularly refreshed with up-to-date information to ensure that business leaders can stay ahead of the game.

Gain Competitive Advantage through Strategic Energy Planning

Secure a proactive approach to energy management, investment and procurement to improve your businesses profits and productivity.

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