As of Aug 2nd 2019, we are proud to announce that Conservia is now a Local Government Procurement (LGP) Approved Contractor for Energy Services (.

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Conservia is pleased to have been awarded accreditation as an Approved Contractor for Energy Services (LGP319) by the Local Government Procurement (LGP), a business arm of the Local Government NSW.

Companies and organisations who are awarded this accreditation have been thoroughly assessed and are recognised as having the capability to operate to the highest levels of quality and service to NSW Government and Local Councils.

Conservia are committed to ensuring businesses reduce costs and boost productivity by improving their energy and materials efficiency, and reusing or avoiding waste through highly efficient energy solutions.

About the Local Government Procurement

The LGP provides fully integrated procurement services, including establishing contract panels, consulting, professional development and contract management.  LGP customers include NSW councils, not for profit organisations, universities, state government agencies and departments.

To find out more about the Local Government Procurement, visit

The right energy services can see drastic improvements in energy efficiency

Our energy efficiency experts will provide meaningful and actionable energy strategies to improve your building’s energy efficiency and NABERS Rating.

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