4 Parramatta Square, Parramatta, New South Wales

Walker Corporation

Built & Obayashi Corporation

Property Type

Project Summary
Owned and managed by Walker corporation, 4 Parramatta Square offers 67,206 sqm of premium office space which is currently occupied by Property New South Wales. It is currently the second-largest building in Australia that has achieved a 6 Star NABERS rating. As part of the Parramatta square complex, it offers a wide range of spaces for retailers to provide their services to the general public.

Energy Savings
It is one of 20 6 star buildings that currently exist in NSW. This amazing feat was achieved through Conservia’s innovative approach to designing and implementing energy-saving solutions. The team has been able to reduce the energy consumption of the building by 40% within the first 18 months of Conservia’s contract. In addition, many more energy-saving results can be expected as Conversia continues to fine-tune the solutions to maximise energy efficiency. 

The Journey
The Sydney icon at an extremely high standard through strong collaborative work with the client. Furthermore, during DLP we paid early attention to energy requests which allowed us to step in from day one of the contract.

Achieving 6 star NABERS is never an easy feat. The Conservia team took on innovative new approaches to effectively optimise the building’s HVAC operations, reducing energy consumption as much as possible. Furthermore, the solution was designed so that energy was only spent when needed so that there was limited wasted resources.

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